Licking Heights: District Profile

The Licking Heights Local School district is located approximately 20 minutes east of Columbus, providing residents with a small community in a semi rural environment close to our vibrant state capital. Licking Heights is one of the four fastest growing school districts in Ohio, and a leader in the area of academics. With a diverse student population speaking more than 30 languages, the district focuses on student learning and achievement while looking toward the future as it continues to be recognized as a leader in innovative best practice.

The economic development outlook in the area is bright, and a large contributor to the student growth in our district. The diversity in our business development echoes the diversity in our schools. Most recently, companies like Facebook and American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio have opened expanded operational facilities within the district.

4,300 and growing. The student population has more than doubled since 2003 when the current high school building opened.

Average class size (student-to-teacher ratio)
Elementary: 24 students : 1 teacher
Middle and high school: 25:1

We employ 528 total staff members.

Certificated teaching staff: 278, with an average 11 years of experience; 73 percent have Master’s degrees or higher. (This includes guidance counselors, media specialists and intervention specialists.)

Principals and assistants: 11 

District administrators: 10

Classified support staff: 192

Licking Heights was one of 7 school districts out of the 49 in central Ohio to earn all A's and B's on the first iteration of the most recent state report card. Battelle has awarded the district with a SOAR Award for Significant Progress in 2014, 2015, and 2016, and the State of Ohio named Licking Heights High School to the 2014 Schools of Promise list.

Licking Heights offers traditional college prep courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the College Credit Plus program. Students are also eligible to graduate with an honors diploma, or elect at juniors to attend Licking County C-TEC. Any student who completes one of these curricula will meet all academic requirements necessary for graduation.

Special programs

  • Licking Heights Local Schools offers both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese foreign language programs. The district has offered Mandarin Chinese since its initial pilot in 2012. It currently serves more than 300 students in grades 7-12. The program has two visiting teachers and one district teacher. The program became a Confucius Classroom at the 2014 National Chinese Language Conference in Los Angeles, and has led three student trips to in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

  • Licking Heights provides self-contained gifted classrooms to meet the needs of gifted students in grades 2-5, and provides advanced coursework for middle and high school students. Accelerated placement is an option available to all students.

  • A number of student clubs, activities and organizations are available such as Art Club, DECA, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, Student Council, Model UN, Chess Club, and Environmental Club.

English Language Learner (ELL) program
Licking Heights is home to over 300 ELL students speaking more than 30 languages. The district provides various levels of services to this highly heterogeneous group of students, with diverse gifts, educational needs, backgrounds, languages, and goals. The purpose of our program is to accelerate English language literacy while valuing the social and cultural knowledge that a child brings to school. The district primarily serves students based on language needs through self-contained instruction and/or inclusive instructional settings.

As a proud Hornet Nation, we offer 16 varsity high school sports and 10 competitive sports for middle school students.

Fine arts
Our fine arts program provides students with opportunities to experience both the visual and performing arts with various performing opportunities throughout the school year. Students’ unique and creative thinking is fostered to develop knowledgeable, self-disciplined, inquiring and motivated individuals. Band and choir programs begin in sixth grade. Students can audition for marching band as early as eighth grade. Our high school choir performed at New York City’s Carnegie Hall in both 2014 and 2016. The theater program presents both an annual fall play and spring musical.

Going forward...
Due to our rapid growth, many of the district's buildings are over capacity:

  • 12 trailers have been purchased to make room for more classroom space at the high school;

  • 10 trailers have been placed at the middle school

In May, 2017, voters approved a ballot initiative to build another, larger high school in the district.

  • Licking Heights will break ground for this project in spring, 2018.

  • The anticipated opening of this building will be fall, 2020.

Our Schools
4000 Mink Street
Grades 9-12
6565 Summit Road
Grades: 6-8
6507 Summit Road
Grades: 5 and preschool
6623 Summit Road
Grades: K-4
1490 Climbing Fig Drive
Grades: K-4 
6539 Summit Road
District Registrar
6539 Summit Road