In partnership with students, family and community, Licking Heights Local School District will ensure that all students acquire skills, knowledge, and expertise to succeed as effective citizens and workers in the 21st century.
Our mission statement is not something posted on the wall that we look at from time-to-time to be sure it is still hanging. Our mission statement is the motivational creed behind our work. 

From the moment we flip on the lights in our classrooms each morning to the time the last door is pulled shut every night, we strive to provide our students -- our community’s children -- with the best possible education we can deliver.

A good deal of our current methods are outlined in the Scope of Work we submitted for the federal Race to the Top initiative. We are turning a few things on their head by taking and using data in a variety of new ways to shake out just the right information about how our students are learning and what knowledge they retain. We want to be sure we are developing our courses of study and student programming efficiently and effectively so we deliver relevant materials that are met with interest and rigor.

We believe the path we have embarked upon will allow for more collaboration between staff, students and families. We pledge to work together to become a results-oriented district that encourages critical thinking, focuses on the development of the whole child and inspires active  student participation.

Thank you for your confidence in our endeavors. Student progress is directly linked to involved families and strong community support.

Best Regards --

Dr. Philip Wagner