Book in the Bag Reading Tips
Book in the Bag Reading Extension
Here are some ideas to help you help your child with understanding and comprehension while reading.  Choosing one or two of the suggestions will help your child focus in on  what he or she has read.
Before Reading
  • Read the title of the book to your child and ask, “What do you think the book will be about and why?”
  • Do a picture walk by looking through the pictures and asking what is happening in the pictures.
During Reading
  • After each section, have your child predict what will happen nextor at the end of the story.
  • Help your child make connections in the story- “What/ who does that remind you of?”
  • Predict the end of the story
After Reading
  • Ask your child, “What was your favorite part and why?”
  • Have him or her retell you the story
  • Pick out specific details- character, setting, etc