Course Description

CPE is the abbreviation for Chemistry, Physical Science, and Environmental Science. The purpose of this course is to be a bridge course from Biology or Physical Science to Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science.   This class spends twelve weeks each on Chemistry, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.  There is a focus on preparing students for the ACT and eventually for college science courses.   The focus of Physics is on Newtonian Physics, kinetic and potential energy and light and reflection and refraction.  The focus of Chemistry is to give an overview of the structure of an atom, atomic theory, Periodic Table trends, types of bonding and chemical reactions and solutions.   The focus of Environmental Science is to introduce Earth's spheres and the interconnectedness between climatology, ecology, formation of Earth's surface, and plate tectonics.
Please see the guidance office's Program of Study 2015-2016 document for more information.  

Important Documents