Expenditures Per Pupil

Licking Heights per pupil expenditures are extremely low in comparison to comparable districts and the state average ($10,456). The Ohio Department of Education per pupil expenditures in the “CUPP Report” for the district during fiscal year 2014 ($9,143) reflected a ranking of the 128th lowest of 609 school districts. The district outperformed state averages by $1,313 per pupil during fiscal year 2014 correlating to savings of approximately $5 million. The chart below compares per pupil expenditures of Licking Heights to other local districts as calculated by the Ohio Department of Education for fiscal year 2014. We are proud that our district is able to provide an excellent quality education with current resources and instructional materials, classroom computers, mobile devices and educational technology, and a rigorous, relevant curriculum. This full curriculum addresses the needs of all students at all levels from the high achievers to the students in need of intervention and added support.

Licking Heights vs. the Others

Local Cost-Per-Pupil
Source: Ohio Department of Education (FY 2014)