Five-Year Forecast
The mission of the Licking Heights Local School District is to enhance growth through learning. The quantity and quality of learning programs are related to the funding provided and the effective, efficient management of those funds. It follows that the District’s purposes can best be achieved through prudent fiscal management. Licking Heights was only one of seven school districts in the Central Ohio region to receive all A’s or B’s on the Ohio Department of Education report card for the 2014 school year.

Licking Heights’ five-year forecast is an estimate of the most probable financial position as a result of operation and changes in our financial situation for the future. “Most probable” means the assumptions have been evaluated by the Treasurer, Superintendent and reviewed by the Board of Education. This forecast is based on management’s judgment of the most likely set of conditions and most likely course of action.
The five-year forecast is derived through a combination of variables, including but not limited to: history, future projected growth, curriculum & program options, fiscal and physical constraints. The forecast is also based on the assumption of future events, which are based on present circumstances and information currently available. Other factors that impact the five-year forecast (favorably or unfavorably) are changes in law, state funding, and general economic conditions. Thus, the forecast is a fluid document we continually update over time as financial conditions change. It is meant to be our best projection at the time, not an absolute projection. It is based on many assumptions, the most significant of which are outlined in the October 2014 report.

O.R.C. and O.A.C. Requirements

O.R.C. §5705.391 and O.A.C. 3301-92-04 require a Board of Education (BOE) to submit a five-year projection of operational revenues and expenditures along with assumptions to the Department of Education prior to October 31 of each fiscal year and to update this forecast between April 1 and May 31 of each fiscal year. ODE encourages school districts to update their forecast whenever events take place that will significantly change the forecast. Required funds to be included in the forecast are:

  • General funds (001)
  • Any special cost center associated with general fund money
  • Emergency levy funds (016)
  • Any debt service (002) activity that would otherwise have gone to the general fund
  • Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid (DPIA) funds (447)
  • Poverty Based Assistance (PBA) funds (494)
Created: 1/28/2015


Five-Year Forecast Reports

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