General Operating Expenditures by Object

In fiscal year 2015, the Licking Heights Local School District spent (74.01%) of its budget on the combined areas of salaries and benefits for all personnel including staff hired at the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. The district expended (17.09%) on purchased services that account for fixed-cost items such as Charter School deductions, open enrollment, substitute teaching, electricity, natural gas, water, and telephone expenses. The supplies (3.86%) component accounts for instructional, custodial, transportation and all other supplies used on a daily basis. Capital outlay (3.63%) includes all debt, new and replacement equipment for the district that was bought out of the general operating fund, such as copiers, computers, and audiovisual equipment. The other expenditures (1.40%) category includes items such as insurance, county auditor tax collection fees, software licensing, bank charges, and county services.



General Operating Expenditures by Function

The largest percent of the budget was spent on instruction and student support (70.21%). These items directly impact students in the classroom and range from the salaries and benefits of the teachers, to materials and supplies used on a daily basis. Additional services that have a large impact on students include Special Education services, classroom aides, and guidance and library services. 

The building administration (6.29%) and central office (2.53%) services all relate to the overall operations of the district and provide fiscal, business management and administrative support to the staff and community.

The maintenance (8.86%) area ensures that students and staff have a safe and efficient environment through custodial and grounds services. The transportation services (7.58%) portion of the budget supports bus maintenance and repairs. The other (1.40%) category accounts for special taxes, assessments and transfers. The extracurricular (1.00%) category accounts for contracts of club advisors and athletic coaches.