Gifted: Testing, Identification and Placement

All students receiving gifted services in the Licking Heights School District must go through a screening process before they are identified as gifted and/or placed in a gifted program or classroom. This process is orchestrated by the Gifted Intervention Specialist.

Gifted identification criteria are set forth by the state. The state requires a specific score to be achieved on approved tests. To be identified as “gifted” in cognitive ability in Ohio, a student must score two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement, on an approved, nationally standardized test of cognitive ability. To be identified as "gifted" in academic ability, a student must score at the 95th percentile or above on an approved, nationally standardized test of academic ability. Details about all identification instruments used, and specific test scores required, may be found in brochures provided on this website. Licking Heights administers the InView Measure of Cognitive Abilities and the Terra Nova Test of Academic Ability to all students in grade two, and on a referral basis in other grades, to insure that all students have an opportunity to qualify for gifted identification. The Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) is not an approved test for gifted identification because it is a test of basic proficiency. 

The next step is placement. Placement criteria for services may be slightly different from the state criteria for gifted identification. This is because, while gifted identification is required by state law, there is not requirement that districts must provide special services to gifted students. Thus, each district in Ohio plans and provides support services to gifted students based on the needs of gifted students in that district and on the district's available resources. Services may change from year to year as needs and resources change. are set by each local district and may be slightly different from the state requirement. 
Although the district is not required to provide gifted services, it has placed great value on supporting and furthering the academic excellence of these students, and currently offers self-contained gifted classroom services for grades two through four, and advanced courses for students in grades five through twelve. In addition, acceleration placement is an option available to qualified students in grades K-12. 
The parent(s) of a child who is a candidate for gifted services has the right to appeal placement decisions made by the Gifted Intervention Specialist and/or the County Gifted Coordinator, as stated in the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code.
Identification and Placement Process

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