Pupil Services

Continuum of Special Education Services 
The Licking Heights Local School District is committed to the provision of free, appropriate, public education for children with disabilities identified in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
Additional services include preschool for children 3-5 years-old, as well as a range of services for students with disabilities in kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
Intervention assistance teams in each school assist programming teams and parents in providing assessment, evaluation, and interventions to address each student's needs to be successful in the general education classroom environment. 
Each students' needs are supported to the greatest extent possible in the general education classroom with specialized instruction through an Individual Education Plan (IEP), within a wide variety of settings. All special education serbvices are provided in accordance with the Ohio Operating Standards for the Education of  Children with Disabilities as outlined by the Ohio Deparment of Education. 
English Language Learners (ELL)
English Language Learners (ELL) is a program desined to help ensure that children who are limited English proficient are provided the necessary support to develop both language and core curriculum subjects. The purpose of our program is to accelerate English language literacy while valuing the social and cultural knowledge that a child brings to the school. The district primarily serves English Learners based on language needs through self-contained instruction and/or inclusive instructional settings.
Health Services 
The Licking Heights School District is committed to provide a healthy learning environment for our students and staff. Jennifer Price, District Nurse, performs the essential duties and responsibilities to conduct a comprehensive health services program. 
Resources for Parents 
The Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities
(740) 382-54512 and 1-800-374-2806
The State of Ohio Office of Exceptional Children
(614) 466-2650
Parent Mentor 
Ronni Bowyer


The Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement.

The mission of PIRC is to empower all parents and families by providing information, resources and training to support children's learning and enhance the environments in which they grow.

Ohio PIRC provides vital information and resources to support:

  • Parental involvement
  • Educational success
  • Family advocacy
  • Community collaboration

To find out more about Ohio PIRC, please contact them at:

Toll Free Number: 1-888-OHPIRC9 (647-4729) - www.ohiopirc.org

Child Search
Parent Notification
Presentations provided by SST 11 for parents including school readiness, social-emotional learning, 504 and IEP process. All presentations are located at the Education Service Center of Central Ohio.