Reading Tips
Help Your Child with Reading at Home
As children, most of us were taught to read using phonics. We often tell children to “sound it out” when they come to an unknown word. To help children become better readers, try the following ideas before saying “sound it out”. When your child has trouble reading a word:
·        Give your child wait time or think time
·         Use the pictures for clues
·         Chunk it – find words within words (pin – in, store – st-or)
·         Does the word look like any other words you know (cook, look, took)
·         Read the sentence without the unknown word in it – Use the letters in the word to make a guess
·         Use cueing questions: Does it make sense? Does it sound right? Does it look right?
Always remember to focus on what your child is doing well. Be sure to give your child positive feedback when your child is having difficulty.
• “Good for you. I like the way you tried to work that out.”
• “That was a good try. Yes, that word would make sense there.”
• “I like the way you looked at the picture to help yourself.”
• “I like the way you went back to the beginning of the sentence and tried it again. That’s what good readers do.”
• “You are becoming a good reader. I’m proud of you.”
This is a great PDF with lots of reading tips Tips to Encourage Reading