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Hello! My name is Russell Williams. This is my first year at Heights and I'm happy to join such a welcoming community. I was born in Central Ohio and graduated from East Knox High School. I earned my teaching certification and bachelor's degree in Physics from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH.
I've always had a passion for science and understanding how the world works. An understanding of physics gives you an increadicle understanding of how the enitre universe opperates. Physics, and all science, is more than memorizing facts and information- it is a way of thinking. Prehaps the world's most famous physicist, Albert Einstein, is credited saying "All of science is just a refinement of everyday thinking."
With Einstein's words in mind, it is imperative to study physics through practice. I've had the opportunity to work in multiple labratory settings including labs at Wittenberg and at the Pacific Northwest National Labratory in Washington. All of my classes will focus on labratory investigations and real world problem solving. 

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