Kenneth Kraemer

Principal Kraemer joined Licking Heights Schools in July of 2013. In his career, he has held positions of principal and assistant principal with Dayton Public Schools from 2009-2013. Mr. Kraemer also served as a high school social studies teacher with Dayton Public Schools and for a charter school, Improved Solutions for Urban Settings, in Dayton, OH.

Mr. Kraemer earned his master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Cincinnati in 2008. He currently holds professional licenses as a Superintendent, High School Principal and Integrated Social Studies Teacher. In his past, Mr. Kraemer was a member of the Belmont Business Association (Dayton, OH) and the Belmont Leadership Committee (Dayton, OH) in order to improve community and school relations. He is a member of the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators and a member of the SOAR School Improvement Collaborative.

Mr. Kraemer has specific experience with developing strong teacher leaders, creating connections with the community, and instituting alternative educational programs so that all students can learn. He is focused on building a comprehensive high school program that gives students the opportunity to compete for scholarships and admission to any university in the country.

Instructional materials
Any person or group, having a legitimate interest in the operations of Licking Heights Local Schools, has the right to present a request, suggestion, or complaint concerning the educational program or the operations of the district. Requests must be put in writing and should be initially addressed to the building principal. Members of the public may also inspect instruction materials by requesting an appointment with the building principal. If the request, suggestion, or complaint relates to instructional materials such as books, textbooks, or other instructional aids used in the District, the information should include author, title, and sections objected to. This information will be forwarded to the district office and reviewed by an administrative committee.