Mrs. Belinda Hohman

Mrs. Hohman began her administrative career at Licking Heights in 2006 as Director of Special Education. Throughout this position, she mentored and supervised staff who worked throughout all facets of pupil services, including, but not limited to Special Education, Title One Reading and Math and English Language Learners. Mrs. Hohman brings her passion that all students can learn and deserve a quality education to Licking Heights West as principal. Prior to Licking Heights West Mrs. Hohman was the principal at Licking Heights Central . She spent six years at Zanesville City Schools as Special Education Supervisor. She began her education career at Caldwell Exempted Village Schools where she spent 20 years teaching in both the elementary and middle school. She also had the opportunity to work on her administrative internship as Elementary and Middle School Principal, Middle School Athletic Director and Special Education Supervisor.

Mrs. Hohman graduated from Slippery Rock University in 1980 with a dual degree in elementary education and special education. She obtained her Master’s degree in 2000 from Ohio University with a degree in educational administration in the areas for elementary and middle school education. Each day Mrs. Hohman opens the doors to over 900 kindergarten through fourth grade students where she strives to build a climate of positivity for both teaching and learning. Mrs. Hohman is committed to the education and success of all children. She believes that all children deserve the best opportunity to learn and strive for excellence in a safe and nurturing environment with their peers.

Instructional materials
Any person or group, having a legitimate interest in the operations of Licking Heights Local Schools, has the right to present a request, suggestion, or complaint concerning the educational program or the operations of the district. Requests must be put in writing and should be initially addressed to the building principal. Members of the public may also inspect instruction materials by requesting an appointment with the building principal. If the request, suggestion, or complaint relates to instructional materials such as books, textbooks, or other instructional aids used in the District, the information should include author, title, and sections objected to. This information will be forwarded to the district office and reviewed by an administrative committee.
Mrs. Hohman
            Mrs. Belinda Hohman
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