1,000 students strong at first pep rally
By Tori King, communications intern 
Last Friday, 1,000 students at Central Middle School gathered in the gym for a fall sports pep rally. As the classes walked into the gym, they were greeted with the high school marching band playing school favorites like “Louie Louie” and drum cheers like “Toss.”
Once everyone was seated, the fall sports teams were recognized. The marching band was also introduced along with any fellow band students in the audience being recognized.
After the sports teams were recognized, “Head-chop” - a fan favorite, was performed by the marching band. Typically this isn’t performed until the band recieves a superior rating so it was new and interesting for the middle schoolers to see. Soon after, the cheerleaders picked some of their fellow students to help them win a game against the teachers. The teams competed in two different games ending in a draw.
The final thing was a dance battle between the students and the teachers, with even the audience getting involved! The students definitely left hyped and excited for upcoming events, such as Volley for the Cure and Pageant of the Bands.  

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