Hornets all in for win against New Albany
Student with flag
By Anna Singh, communications intern 
Last Friday, the Licking Heights Hornets went the distance and beat New Albany High School 27-24 at the last minute.
This game was important, not only because of the even competition, but also due to the fact that Licking Heights’ old principal Ken Kraemer, is the new principal of New Albany High School. To summon more hornet spirit, Licking Heights DECA Marketing team created “Beat Kraemer” t-shirts. The students of Licking Heights had a blast, literally, with Principal Kraemer by silly stringing him on the visitors side of the football field.
While the Licking Heights student body was cheering on their football team and showing their hornet pride, the varsity football hornets were working hard to win. The first touchdown was scored in the first eight minutes by Jacob Righter, number 13. Even though NAHS was winning the game at halftime 24-20, the Hornets managed to fight back and win the game 27-24.
Most students said that the game was, “heart-stopping, nail-biting, nerve-wracking!" Others called it, "better than anticipated, this game really proved that the hornets do bring the sting.” 
This truly was a big win for the Licking Heights Hornets, but will they be able to beat Heath on Sept. 14?

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