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South Elementary releases February students of the month
Licking Heights South Elementary has elected students of the month from each homeroom class for the month of February. 

South Elementary teachers recognized these students based on the character trait of kindness. These students have exhibited positive behaviors by creating a caring classroom, continuously looking for ways to help others and effortlessly showing the way all hornets should be. Congratulations to these students!

  • Lauren Mata
  • Alexia Rife
  • Kayleigh Clagg
  • Kendall Anderson
  • Ibrahim Said
  • Siham Mohamed
  • Brielle Murray
  • Kaylin Bledsoe
First grade:
  • Natasha Saling
  • Mila Coandle
  • Owen Gloyd
  • Liam Baumert
  • Mia Spybey
  • Jacob Williamson
  • Madelyn Stephens
Second grade:
  • Jack Gladman
  • Brooke Campbell
  • London Macon
  • Lyric Sweet
  • Dominic Bozo
  • Ibrahim Abdulkadir
  • Banks Johnson
  • Alexander Ferrer
Third grade:
  • Atnatiwos Tessema
  • Jilyan Root
  • Evangeleepha Rai
  • Martin Poole
  • Caitlynn Little
  • Dmitri Smith
  • Jocelyn Teeters
  • Sydney Thompson
Fourth grade:
  • Kaydence Walden
  • Ernest White
  • John McClain
  • Emily Busker
  • Viviana Cordero-Huerta
  • Emily Carey
  • Danielle Popp