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Fall safety tips for families

As days are shorter and mornings are darker, we know safety concerns run high at the bus stop and in the neighborhood. Teachers are in front of the school to supervise during dismissal and arrival, and our bus drivers monitor school pickup and drop-off locations.

We count on families to notify the school and police to report unusual or unsafe events outside of school hour, and say something immediately. The sooner the police receive important details from firsthand accounts, the sooner they can file a report, begin an investigation, and recommend additional patrols. Authorities cannot rely on conversations passed through social media.

The district works closely and cooperatively with local police departments, so a report allows them to provide us with important details to ensure the safety of students on our campuses and our transportation routes.

How can you help? Please remind your child of the following safety tips:

  • If you see something, say something – please report any suspicious activity to a police officer, parent, teacher or trustworthy adult.

  • Always walk with a friend, and be sure you know your way.

  • Ensure your family always knows where you are.

  • Never get in a vehicle with anyone unless your parents give you permission.

  • It is okay to say no if a stranger tries to talk to you, take something from you, or give you anything.

  • Be sure you know your name, address and telephone number.

Working together we can continue to keep our children safe. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Philip Wagner