Library Services

The goal of the Library Media program at Licking Heights is to ensure that students and staff learn to locate, organize and use information effectively.  Our hope is that we share and instill a love of reading with our students.  Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where students may study, work, and read.
Students may borrow books for 10 school days.  After that, students must either return or renew the book.  The Licking Heights Local Schools do not charge for overdue fees.  Students may inquire about their books, textbooks and class novels with the Librarian.
Lost and Damaged Materials
If a book, textbook or any other material borrowed from the library is lost or damaged, the item must be replaced.  Please make sure you make every attempt to find the item.  If the item is lost, you may purchase a similar item to replace it or pay for the lost item.  Please see the Library Aide for replacement costs and information.  Likewise, if the item is damaged beyond reasonable repair, the item must be paid for or replaced.
End of the Year
All materials checked out from the library must returned to the library.  The final due date for books is Friday, May 13th.  Textbooks, class novels, and any other materials are due during exam week.