Board of Education Goals

Licking Heights Local School district strategically plans for the future.
The Board of Education and administration review district goals and objectives periodically to comply with district bylaws. 
Board Goals: 
  1. Exercise an ongoing critical review of systems and programs that promote high standards of performance, high expectations for learning and the running of the district.
  2. Promote a culture of accountability that relies on data, research, evaluation and assessment as tools to measure the effectiveness of programs and the satisfaction of stakeholders.
  3. Plan for success while promoting support systems, programs, instructional standards, technology, professional development, staff and facilities to enhance student learning and the functions of the district. 
  4. Maintain open and effective communication with the public, staff and students to be aware of attitudes, opinions and ideas.  
  5. Provide the necessary financial resources to support district programs through prudent management, fiscal responsibility and transparency.
  6. Provide students, staff and the community appropriate facilities focused on safety, learning and community access. 
These goals provide long-term strategic guidance for the school district. The Board and administration are expected to detail specific objectives that outline the work needed for the district to meet these goals. 
Updated: 3/28/2018